Q: What tools do you use?

A: Several, depending on how I am feeling and my current workspace/what I have available to me. Many of the drawings on Verbal Vomit are purely digital, though. I draw and paint mainly in Adobe Photoshop. The brush presets I use are Frenden's Photoshop Inking Brush Tool PresetsThey are incredible and I've never made or found anything better. Very worth the $5.

When I don't draw digitally, I draw first in pencil (call me crazy, but I usually use 4H or 6H, as well as HB) then solidify it using pen and ink. I use pen nibs (the cheap kind because it doesn't really matter) or a very thin brush to get some line variation and thickness. The ink I use is Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star India Ink (waterproof, matte).  I have tried a lot of inks, and this is by far my favorite. I love it so much, if I could, I would probably drink it. 

Then, because I am cheap and lazy and don't own a scanner, I take a picture of the inked drawing with my phone and email it to myself. I then take it into Photoshop, adjust the levels and brightness and clean it up a little bit. If I add color to a drawing, I will usually do that in Photoshop as well, or, I'll use watercolor or gouache.


Q: Can I use your comics and drawings on my site/in my logo/in my magazine/as a tattoo?

Oh man. Okay.

Places You CANNOT Use My Art

  • In your logo. This goes for your personal blog logo, to your company logo. This is very frustrating to artists when we are asked for the use of our creations without any pay. This is what I do. It's my job. Though sometimes Verbal Vomit drawings seem less professional, they are still my creations that I have 

Places You CAN Use My Art

  • Reposting to a social media site, but only if you put my name and this website with it. If it's on Instagram, please include @hannahhillam, as well as twitter (also @hannahhillam). This goes for using a drawing as your profile picture. 

  • In a blog post or online article, but again, please credit me and link back to this site.

  • As a tattoo. If you want to get my art put on your body forever, go for it. Although, let me know first. I'm not going to make you tattoo my name and website onto you as well, haha. If you want me to draw you something else to get tattooed, I'd be happy to. Email me and we can discuss prices. 


here's the thing....No. You can't. UNLESS, you are willing to pay me for its use in a logo or for a product. I've seen my drawings used for things that I was not aware of, and it doesn't feel good to 


Q: Why don't you update as much anymore?

A: There are several reasons why I don't update much anymore. The biggest are some personal issues I am dealing with that will hopefully be solved soon. I might write about these issues, and I might not. We will see. Also, I got kind of busy with another forthcoming project. It's another webcomic called Nameless, and I hope to have it up soon. Another reason is the general business of life. We moved recently and are still getting situated.