Origins: Hannah, Part II

In the first part of this post, we covered the first half of my life as a nerd. From cats, to science, to boy wizards, to HTML and nerdy fan websites.

Part II is here now, and instead of a fancy intro, lets just start.




Part 2



Oh man. Guys.This is the first time in the history of this blog where I have actually had to stop myself from panicking and deleting all of this. Maybe, since this is the first one of the post, you'll somehow forget about it by the end?

This is a chapter of my life that I guess I am just now facing...and now that I think about it, I think I've maybe only told a few people about this.

So here it goes.

Hey Mom and Dad, remember when I used to write a ton in middle school? Filled like....12 notebooks?  Yeah. Yep. It was Fanfic.

I'm sorry if I've broken your hearts.

What kind of fanfic, you ask through your tears? Does it matter?

Luckily for the world and my future children, I have since disposed of said notebooks in a way that most shameful things can be destroyed: by fire.



Because of Lord of the Rings (see part I), I decided that I would really love to be an actor, mostly in order to marry Elijah Wood someday. But after I was in my first play (Sherlock Holmes) I was addicted.

This phase lasted about 5 years, and I even applied to universities with the plan to get a degree in theater. My focus? Shakespeare. Man, I loved Shakespeare. I just got Shakespeare, you know? Until I realized that Shakespeare was really the only thing I liked about theatre.

Also...high school theater kids?



Oh man. BAND. Band was great, but if you were ever in band, you know that when you are in one of the band classes, you end up doing everything else, including...

Jazz band, pep band (the only way you could get me to a sports event), I was in marching band.

I hung out in the band room at lunch.



The Welsh language isn't nerdy, and neither are my reasons for learning it. What made it nerdy was my friends and family. I made the mistake of saying something to them that they will never,



I have never lived it down.

(Though I would like take this opportunity to tell thousands of people that Erika up there actually owns an Elvish dictionary. WHO IS THE NERD NOW, MELLON?! Hah. Loser.)



This is just becoming a secrets-about-Hannah free-for-all, isn't it. Buuuut since I'm putting it all out there, I may as well just go all the way.

I draw fanart.

I'd like to say I don't, because (most) fanart is the scariest stuff you'll ever see. (Go ahead. Stare at that. Think about it a little. Cry if you have to. I did.) The scariest fanart resides in the darkest corners of the internet, where none go besides those few who type in "The Avengers as Ponies" (Don' that.)

I'd like to say my "fanart" is more character study, since I'm an illustrator and it's good to practice character design...right?

But I'll let you decide for yourself. Behold, an example of my fanart.

Yeah, no. Sorry guys. If you are truly meant to see it, you will know where to look.



I'd always liked playing video games with my family and friends, but they were usually the really simple, multiplayer games.

A little while ago, though...I truly found the joy in playing a first person game. It has only gotten worse since.

And then when I did every single (let me repeat that, every single) quest that was available in Skyrim, I thought I would be done with games forever.

But nope. I found Minecraft. I found Borderlands. I started playing the Sims again.

Someone is going to need to lock me in a room by myself without any technology whatsoever and never allow me to leave that room.



Yep. Cats still. I don't think I ever got over it – and the internet certainly hasn't helped at all.

I wanna fall asleep buried in kittens every single night.



It's all over, you guys. I'm on the downward spiral. My Mom, in her moments of self-validation for birthing a nerd, always said “Just don't hit Nerd Rock-Bottom…”

I think I've hit it, Mom.

I think I've hit it hard.