What do I even say?


Besides having bizarre dreams and sweating a ton from no air conditioning in our house, my life has been pretty uneventful.

OH! Except, my family is moving back! Have I already said that in here? Anyhow, I'm really excited for them to be back here. I've missed them a ton since they moved. But, I admit, I think I needed the three years to grow up. Even though I didn't really grow up very much. I still suck at money, school, and getting things organized.

Uhhh...I have a new job! I work as a web designer. I can't believe how much code I really remember from when I used to make those Lord of the Rings fansites when I was 14. The code I know is a bit outdated, but dreamweaver is really smart, so it just changes it to the correct stuff automatically.

I've been stuck on the next piece i'm doing from His Dark Materials. It's from the Subtle Knife this time, and I keep getting incredibly frustrated with it. Oh well, it'll work. I'll just keep on sketching. :D

I don't have anything else to say, really. Except I'm burning hot.