DaisyDisk has shed a lot of light.

So Sean downloaded this thing called DaisyDisk. It's probably the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life. It's a visual representation of what is taking up space on your hard drive. I used it on Mr. Terabyte and now I know exactly what I do with my life.

Besides having a folder called "teapots" and 16 gb worth of "Bones" episodes, it also turns out that 2.6 gb of my hard drive is taken up solely by David Bowie. U2 is a close second with 2.4 gb, followed by a the Cure, Elvis Costello, New Order, Sinéad O'Connor(?!) and the Decemberists. I'm still trying to understand why I have SO MUCH Sinéad O'Connor.

After seeing this I decided to go into iTunes and check out my play count, which has never been entirely accurate since my attention span rarely allows me to finish a song. But even with that, I have still managed to listen to "Atmosphere" by Joy Division a grand total of 345 times since August. Following this with 61 plays is "Sprawl II" by Arcade Fire. I have listened to that one Joy Division song 284 more times than any other song in my library. Have I mentioned I have over 10,000 songs? WTF.  I don't even remember listening to it that much! The only reason I had it on repeat for most of last summer was because of how well it was used in the final heart wrenching scene of Control. But seriously...345 times? That means that with all of the times I've pressed "next song"  I've probably listened to this song about twice as many times.

Anyway. Back to DaisyDisk. It turns out I also have a LOT of pictures of castles (almost 1 gb) and 7 gb of The Sims.

If the fact that I even wrote this post hasn't already given you an idea of what I do with my free time, than the contents of my hard drive will.

COMING SOON: "Impending Doom"

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