The Midterm Monster

It has arrived. It'  IT'S HERE. 

It has shown up to make me miserable once again. It's merciless jaws of despair ensure that I will not escape in a good state of mind. It comes, infiltrates, and leaves none in its wake.

It is The Midterm Monster (which I imagine to be a concoction of dread, fear, confusion, and Satan himself), and its lifeblood is the many missing hours of sleep from college students.

If you're happy with your progress in school so far, then it will completely empty your heart of any joy....

...You will sell yourself to endless studying, but it's not enough. Nothing will ever be enough as it drains the hope from your soul and devours you...

...taking you into it's furnace of a belly only to spit you back up a week later, your sanity barely hanging by a thread.

As you lay confused and unhinged, you search for the familiar relief that comes after taking an exam... you realize... it's only October. 

You feel no relief...

...because it doesn't exist here.

You are simply left to wallow in the mediocre bile of your midterm results.

I think maybe I've just been in school too long.

See you next week.