If "Pottermore" Were Real

So Pottermore finally opened. No big deal. Not that I was whining on Twitter about having to wait for it to open or anything.

It's a pretty fun site, for what it is (Although I feel like they need to change their target demographic from 13-year-olds to those in their mid-twenties). But It connects loser Harry Potter fans like myself to the closest thing to the books as possible. It makes it a tiny bit more real.

I'm glad it's not, though. First of all, if it were real, I'd be a twenty-something-year-old first year, and my name alone would get me kicked out of Hogwarts.

The name SkullMarauder doesn't quite put people at ease. It definitely doesn't help my case that I am carrying around a trunk-full of some suspicious and possibly incriminating items that I've found and kept.

I mean, there are probably plenty of situations where most of those things could be used. None of which are conducive to being seen as anything other than a serial killer.

And just like in Pottermore, I would probably try to get rid of my items by seemingly the only means possible. Gifting them to a friend.

Actually, I'm probably going to do that anyway.