That Time I Made My Own Wand

As you've probably gathered from past posts, there have been few things that have rivaled my dedication to the Harry Potter fandom.

Out of all of the things I've done for/in behalf of the fandom, the most memorable and shameful had to be the events that transpired the Summer of 2003.

That summer the fifth book in the series was coming out, and I had spent one Sunday a few weeks before the release alone in my garage with my Dad's tools and a stick I had found in my back yard.

Making a wand.


It took hours of intense whittling and sanding to finally get the perfect wand. The finishing touches? Burning the end of it to make it look "used."

I was so proud of it, and when I finally emerged from the dark garage into the garish summer sun, I ran straight inside to show my Mom.

(Did I mention I was 15?)

The day before the book was released, a few of my friends got together to prepare to wait, despite my mother's warnings.

" will be marching in a parade tomorrow morning at 8am. You will die."

We showed up at the bookstore around 6pm and sat on the pavement next to someone dressed as Professor Trelawney and another dressed as Dobby (it was actually a disturbing combination)...

When I was finally handed my copy of the book, I could barely contain my excitement.

I ran out of the store, wand in one hand, book in the other. Across the parking lot I could see my friend's car. I made a run for it, determined to do everything in my power to get home quicker. But since I was running like a maniac and not looking where I was going...

(Here comes the darkest moment of my life you guys....are you ready?)

I tripped as I leapt off the curb into the parking lot...

and flew forward...

luckily I stepped forward and caught myself before I biffed it completely...

...but not before my homemade wand went straight into my right nostril.

I cried out in pain and looked down to see my face-blood dripping onto the book cover.

My friends led me to the car and sat me in the back, where I proceeded to bleed all over the seat.

Despite being dizzy and exhausted, nothing could stop be from laying on my couch and reading the book all night.

After reading until about 6am, I realized that I had a parade to be to at 8. Not wanting to sleep through it somehow, I decided to get into my marching band uniform and go back to reading.

Around 7, I heard my Mom get up. She then found me, fully decked in Marching band regalia, on our couch with a dried and bloody tissue coming out of my nose, and tears in my eyes.

So, a wand was shoved up my nose.


Like I said. Darkest moment of my life.