Exploitation of Marlee's Pregnancy

My friend Marlee (the same girl who would threaten to make me on the Sims and then kill me if I didn't come hang out with her) is pregnant (gross!), and has been keeping me updated on which fruit/vegetable her fetus supposedly resembles as each week passes. 

I plan to keep exploiting Marlee's unborn child until it is squeezed into this world.

12 OCTOBER 2011: Avocado Baby

Marlee's baby...is blowing spit bubbles all up in there.

Apparently, this week the baby has eyebrows and hairs. It also has wee ear bones, so it can hear you now. MARLEE IT CAN HEAR EVERYTHING.

4 OCTOBER 2011 : Apple Baby

Marlee and Luke's baby is now an apple. Or, at least the size of one. Maybe it's actually an apple, who knows.

Look how happy it is! It's having the time of it's life in there.

27 SEPTEMBER 2011: Lemon Baby

This week it's a lemon.

(Even when I try to draw something cute, it still turns out a little creepy. Those blank lemon-baby eyes are a bit terrifying. I hope Marlee's baby comes out cuter than this.)